About Us

Robertson Cattle Company got started in the Longhorn business in October of 2015 with the help of our good friend Jim Curry. Jim helped us put together a group of 10 bred heifers from the great program of Mike and Debbie Bowman. We started as a family venture know as Texas Four Bar R Longhorns. As time progressed Amanda and I become more involved and started to develop a herd to call our own, known as Robertson Cattle Company. Our kids, Zoe and Cole, are just as crazy about the cattle as we are. It doesn’t matter if we are at a sale, futurity, show or selling beef, it is the one thing that we do as a family and all love doing it. We are blessed to raise longhorn cattle and cherish the many friendships we have made with other breeders and our customers.

I grew up on a small ranch in Southland, Texas where we had a few cross bred cattle. We where raised showing commercial fat steers and have always had a love for cattle. There truly is something special about Longhorn cattle that you will not find in any other breed. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are great momma cows with excellent calving ease and amazing longevity; not to mention the health benefits of their lean beef. Raising Texas Longhorns is who we are and what we love to do.

Our goal is to be known as breeders that love the Lord, serve others and produce some of the best cattle in the industry. We strive to produce proven genetics that can compete and win in any ring we place them in, whether it is a sale ring or show ring. We want to fellowship with others and create lasting friendships as we do it.

Thanks for visiting our site and let us know if you have any questions or just want to talk cattle.

Come See Us,
Jeremy, Amanda, Zoe and Cole Robertson